Would you ever have a sub dom relationship with an underage girl — Asked by Anonymous
What is your favorite and least favorite quality a sub can have? — Asked by Anonymous

Fav is when a girl is fun/cute/playful while also being submissive & respectful. And brattiness is always a deal breaker

Physically, is there a certain standard you have for your sub? — Asked by Anonymous

Not a standard, but like anyone else I have my likes and dislikes. I won’t post them though because it tends to scare girls off, or make them feel inadequate which is the last thing want to do on my blog. The more people who feel comfortable talking to me, the better.

thoughts on sex during a girls period? — Asked by Anonymous


What is your deep dark fantasy? — Asked by Anonymous

Everything on the surface is so sexual and perverse, that my deep dark fantasies are actually about paying off student loans and organizing my closet. That shit gets me off, but shh don’t tell anyone

Would you ever have any type of relationship with a 18 or 19 year old? — Asked by Anonymous

Yes, the type where all we do is fuck and watch movies

Good morning

Good morning

Stressed from work.
Need a blowjob.

My sleeve is finally finished. Pics in a couple days.

My sleeve is finally finished. Pics in a couple days.