what kind of makeup do you like on girls? — Asked by Anonymous

Running mascara and smeared lipstick

what would you do if your sub handcuffed you to the bed while you were asleep and you woke up and she was dom? (let's pretend you wouldn't wake up while she's putting handcuffs on you) — Asked by Anonymous

No sub of mine would ever do that, for two reasons:

One… To be my sub, she’d have to have the utmost respect for me and doing that would be quite disrespectful. I’d have her trust and she’d have mine.

And two… She’d already be wearing the cuffs herself.

After spending an evening reading through your entire blog, I have a question! You discussed the difference between a girlfriend and a sub but I was wondering if you exhibit Dom/Daddy traits outside of the bedroom when you're with a girlfriend. For example, being the one who makes decisions about smaller things (movies, restaurants ect.). Or if your girlfriend is stressed do you step in and make her take care of herself ect.? Thanks for having such a wonderful blog! — Asked by Anonymous

Good question. My dom side (controlling, strict, aggressive) only comes out in sexual situations and it’s triggered by sexual submissiveness. But my daddy side (protective, decisive, instructive) is always around. I like teaching and care taking anywhere and everywhere.

A sub is dependent on me to make her choices for her, and it’s her responsibility to obey.

A girlfriend is independent and makes her own choices until she needs help. When she does, it’s my responsibility to advise and protect and care for her.

Can you tie a knot in a cherry stem with your tongue? — Asked by Anonymous

Bitch, I can tie a double Windsor in an eyelash with my MIND.

When you’re especially bratty, I won’t be using my hand to spank you…

My bf is really bad in bed. What can I do to make him better at it? — Asked by Anonymous

Replace him with me.


Are you into one night stands? — Asked by Anonymous

I’d rather it be a whole weekend stand